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Britannia Cafe
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17 Lyon road
South Wimbledon
SW19 2RL

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Description & Location:

Days Open: Unsure

Contact Details:
Website Address      
Email Address      
Phone Number 020 8542 6400      
Fax Number      
Café Owner / Manager

What's on the Menu:
Tea - Pot or Mug? Unsure Chips? Unsure
Tomatoes - Fresh or Tinned? Unsure Fried Slice? Unsure
Black Pudding? Unsure Onion Rings? Unsure
Bubble and Squeak? Unsure Beer Available? Unsure
Hash Brown? Unsure    

Delivery Service? Unsure
Counter or Table Order Counter
Car Park? Yes - Own
Car Park Details
Outside Seating? Yes - Covered
Wireless (Wi-Fi) Available? Unsure
Wireless (Wi-Fi) Details
Smoking Policy Yes - Covered

Have you eaten here? Then let us know what you thought.


+1 #2 Nat 2012-02-19 14:09
That's a shame !! I live very close and have enjoyed the food every time. They are kid friendly, clean, polite & I would recommend this cafe to anyone. Infact the family and I are on our way there now. Hope there open..
0 #1 2011-06-21 12:39
Absolutely awful service, Quality of food is constantly declining but price rising. I ask for a burger with red onions uncooked (the only alteration request i make) and receive a burger with cooked white onions. Request completely ignored. Not the first time they have completely cocked up my order, if it wasnt a 10 second walk from my workplace i would never go back.