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Now you can get a 'Lady Godiva' from the 'Sausage & Mash' machine!

Gawdon Bennet! I couldn't believe me Britney's when me mate told me they've finally got proper cash points in London's East end ...

Select Languge: English or Cockney?

Please enter your Huckleberry Finn (Pin).

Reading your bladder of lard.

Some Moolah for your Sky Rocket?

How much ... just a Lady Godiva or a Nifty fifty?

We are contacting your 'rattle and tank'.

Transaction Nigel Manselled.

Tom Hanks me ol' dutch plate.

Need to brush up on your Cockey? This is a great place to start ... Cockney Rhyming

They've also a set up a page ready for all the phrases you'll need for the London 2012 Olympics ... Cockney Rhyming Slang | Olympics Translations.

Another site, with some stuff about the origins of Rhyming Slang H E R E.

Kat Slaters. (Laters!)


I don't condone graffiti but ...



Discussion over.

Chocolate from Belgium ... probably the best chocolate in the world.jpg

Just received this from a mate who's 'on a business trip' ... no more text needed really!


Better than a Bacon Dress?

With it now being BBQ season, I know what you're thinking ... what would be better than seeing the missus come back from the shops in a Bacon dress like this one ...

How about a Bacon Bikini instead!


Where am I today?

... well it's funny you should ask ... I had brekkie at Britannia Cafe ... and as I left, I found myself here ...

... at sun 'ill. Or, to be more presice, the set where they used to film The Bill's front view of Sun Hill nick scene's.

I was never a great fan, but it was a shame to see another British show die off to be replaced with a CSI:AnotherAmericanCity or similar.


From Di ...

For those that haven't noticed (or been to keen just to hunt out the cafes) the 'From Di' section of the site HERE!, it's a page for the cleaner jokes from Di (and others) that get sent to me ... today though, I popped in to see Di and had a lovely home-cooked brunch, well "breakfast for me, brunch for normal people" ... I think there's a complement in there  somewhere...


After ... but just before I 'mopped up' with a piece of bread and butter:-

Lovely! Cheers Di. XXX


Co-incidently, Di's Diner in Oldham was added to the site this week!

And the winner is ...

... the Fry Up of course! As if there could be any other outcome! Fair play to the rest of them for getting waxed ... I'd have bottled it!!!

As as warning to us all - here's the forfeit video of Frank Skinner, Jimmy Carr and Al Murray suffering pain no man should ever have to.

(if you have restricted YouTube access, you may be able to view it directly on the Walkers website here -


It's always breakfast time!

How cool!

Now you can have breakfast anytime of day and it still eat breakfast before 9 a.m. ... well it's a.m. somewhere in the world! So if you head down to your nearest 24-hour cafe and order a well-deserved fry-up, at say, 7pm - UK time, it's actually 8am in Hawaii - breakfast time! Book it Danno!

See you for brekkie!


I'm not religious but ...

I'm not religious but ... I could be tempted to Church this coming Sunday - if they are all as hospitable as Trinity Methodist Church in East Grinstead - Free Bacon Sarnies!

Simon Maynard, from Trinity Methodist Church says "Once a month we share breakfast, which is a lovely way for the two congregations to meet and catch up with each other and the bacon butties are the best in the town."

Read the full story at



Proper Old School Greasy Spoon!

This should have been my first blog post, but, well it wasn't - so here it is now!

Fleetville cafe - A proper real genuine old school Greasy Spoon!

It was here, curing a hangover a couple of years back that I decided how the site should look ...

The Cafe.

The choice.

The web-site inspiration.

The 'Russell Davis' condiments selection.

The ambiance! A great mix of seating ... something to suit everyone!

The fry-up ... uh, today, just for a change, I had Ham, (double) Egg & Chips.

Perfect ... but a fry-up is still the only real way to eat!


Around the world with Phileas Frog.

I have a very strict criteria when choosing a website to look at -

1. More pictures than words.

2. (Optional) Funny.

And this one passed ... what a great site! Kermit on Tour.

Here's one of my favorite pics taken on Kermit's London tour ...

Here is The Daily Mail's story about the site ... HERE

It reminds me of the once-popular pass time of people stealing someones Garden Gnome and then sending the owners pictures of their Gnome 'on holiday' the other side of the world ... Garden Gnome Liberationists




I was pointed in the direction of a website about airline food ... seriously, someone's built a website around one type of meal! It takes allsorts ...



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