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A little walk - up Snowdon!

Not a bad start to the day … though I must be on a diet that I didn't know about!
The silverware on the table here must be worth more than I earn in a year!

Now, one of the reason's I'm here ... Snowdon!


On the way up! The Pyg Trek route up Snowdon!

Last views from the Pyg Trek before my world turned all white!

The "view" from The Top of Snowdon! Note that anything more than 2 foot away was
hidden in mist and rain! The face of one of my fellow travellers has been covered ...
to hide the very visable pain!

On the way down! Views from the railway track - We were walking on it - 
it's closed for another week or 2!

Collection of news articles displayed at the Half Way house - Half way up (well, down for us) the ????route. Glad I read this after the event!

Made it back from here ...

"Been there, done that!" ... or probably more accuratly "struggled up there, got back, aching, wishing I'd trained at least a bit for it!" :o)

And the other reason I'm here, and what a sight for sore eyes it is ... well worth the extra mile walk from the base...

A Large All-Day Breakfast - Pete Style ...

...with a pint mug of tea.

The Reference to the Reference library / sofa / shower t'internet.

Ben Nevis ... here I come ... as long as Pete's got a brother with a Café at the base of that little hill. :o)


Also saw this ... no relation...

And finally, I couldn't leave Wales without a souvenier ...


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