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Fried Breakfast from Yesteryear.

If you like your full-english with a side order of retro and then washed down with nostaligia, pop along to Greasy's website!

He recommmends viewing his site with a Bacon sarnie and a Mug of tea ... who am I to refuse?!?!

Cheers Greasy!


We All Love A Full English Breakfast!

We do ... it's  why you're here. Nothing more I can say really except show your appreciation of the Full English Breakfast and join this Facebook page!

I Love Breakfast

I fancy a fry-up most meal times and sometimes, even in between.  So I created a website ...

Matt Smith loves breakfast, so he created a website ... ... he also wrote a book - "The Great British Breakfast - In search of the ultimate Fry-up" published May 2011, it will probably be the best book ever!

Fry Wiki

The Full English Breakfast now has it's own Wiki page, which is good as it should have, but I was disappointed that the first brekki picture that appears has scrammbled egg on the plate ... but i'm going to let it go as they link back here. :o)

Dave Fry in the Papers!


I was published in a real live newspaper by real writer - Robert Harland!

Alright, it was only one line, but still! One Full English Please!

Motorcycle Mayhem in the Midlands ...

I couldn't find it on Google Maps ... but it's in a place called RigsVille!

Birty Dastards ...

Looking for like minded individuals for good clean fun ... no? Good!

Birty Dastards Jeep Club ...  Fun and Technical Help for your Jeep.

Who is The Big Cheese here?

Have a read of The Big Cheese's "Not just
another food weblog" :

The Ulverston Cheese Sandwich Blog


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